Quality Assurance 

Blue Rectangle Interior Decoration L.L.C has set the achievement of customer satisfaction and trust as its primary goal. It also recognizes that the best way to achieve this goal, is to provide the products, support, and service, that meet customers’ requirements and expectations.

The company works to an Integrated Management System (IMS), meeting the requirements of International Standard ISO9001: 2015, which assist the Company in maintaining high technical standards and a commitment to excellence in all management and administration tasks.

The company’s policies are:

  • To carry out all work to high standards and to always meet or exceed the requirements of the contract and any relevant statutory regulation.
  • To respond promptly and effectively to customer’s requests for assistance.
  • To include quantifiable quality objectives in the methods used to achieve the quality goal.
  • To implement a quality assurance and supervision system, that includes methods for supervising suppliers and raw materials, control of production processes and final quality inspections, and assignment of responsibility and implementation of procedures.
  • To respond positively to our clients needs by ensuring that we operate as an effective competent team, through open & honest communication.